The Carol Woods Coverup: Amazing PROOF of police corruption Lancs + the HOUSE THEFT + Kid Stealers & they IDs of many fraudsters – 16 May 2018 + archive


Happy Mother’s Day .. To My Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother & all mother’s.

Mom you are so very appreciated and have never done anything but try to show me the light without exposing others darknesses. A respectable woman of amazing values. A mother who took care of her mother for years until she passed, not long ago. An inspiration to me everyday. Her mother was her best friend and could always depend on her. I ♥️love♥️ you Mom & thanks for always being real and not ever putting me down for anything I have done😋Instead, you have tried to gently steer me without being demanding of any change or situation I have encountered. Probably the only woman I can tell my feelings and dreams to, who believes in me, ♥️S me and has always stayed TRUE. A woman who selflessly gave the past decade to making sure HER MOTHER was in good health, always attended to, and wasn’t thrown into a nursing home or left to be alone, ever. Someone who my Grandma could always consider her one and only sweet daughter and also her final caretaker- HER HERO– until her last breath🎗️. Here’s to you Mom. You are a blessing to everyone you have ever met and full of kindness that comes from inside. Something so beautiful and comparable to nothing I have ever known. Thank you for dealing with me all these years, and just like you never gave up on me, you never gave up on your mother. Forever grateful for the woman you are. A True Hero. An American Idol. A Woman Of IMMEASURABLE Worth!!!!🌠🌈👼


Mind Control Programs: How Victims Are Selected And Recruited.

Serious issue in America.

“Land of the ‘free‘, home of the brave“. Is this the reason they took God out of our schools? They are playing God’s role. Pray for the perpetrators. Highest form of treason and should be a federal offense.

What the recruiters and handlers should also understand is that they, too, are mind control slaves. They use our teachers, our family, our doctor’s, our gas stations, almost every avenue that leads to real ‘help’ to steer us into a project all for their own experimentation and entertainment. Then again, I am not pointing any fingers because I do know collective wisdom does not mean wisdom.

God Bless America